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I'd like to find out more about helping at Summer School. Please send me information about volunteering for:

You will be required to sign a volunteer declaration, elsewhere on the form.
Is your child toilet trained?
Children must be toilet trained to attend the preschool program. Your application for this child has been changed from preschool to Crèche 25–36 months instead.
Will this child be attending the crèche program?
No gluten containing grains (wheat, rye, oats or barley) or their products or extracts.
No wheat, wheat products or wheat extracts.
No milk, milk products or milk extracts.
No meat, chicken or fish
No beef, lamb or pork (including veal)
No shellfish products
No seafood products
Does not fit any combination of the above categories and will bring all his/her own food
e.g. Mr, Mrs, Dr

Safe Ministry Certificates are still uploading.

Child is attending on days when no adult in this application is attending.

If this is correct, please provide an explanation.

WARNING: Some of the children on this booking did not obtain some of the days you requested.


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Defer the children's registration until the time of the automatic allocation.

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Accommodation Nights

Person Accommodation? ThuFriSatSunMonTueWedThu Cost

Setup day is on Friday. The conference commences on Saturday.

Setup commences at 9am on Friday. Please tick Thursday night if you would like accommodation the night before the setup day.

Tick Friday night if you want accommodation the night before the Y&C setup day on Saturday.

Adult Dietary* Medical* Emergency contact*


Adult Email Mobile Home phone Gender* Date of birth Contact re volunteering?
Child Date of birth* Gender* Dietary* Medical* Contact at Conference* Parent* Consent*
Contact Street*Suburb*State* Postcode*Address for all CMS correspondence? info? Mobile phone during conference

Volunteer Declaration

Volunteer Declaration*

Church Referee

Volunteers are required to provide contact details of a ministry staff member from their current church who knows them for use as a
If you don't have this information at hand, you can provide this information on a later occasion.
Volunteer Church Minister's Name Minister's Role Minister's Mobile or Phone

Youth & Children Leader's Details

Team member Role* T-shirt size* Gospel explanation* Are you a returning leader? Referee 2 name* Referee 2 Mobile or Phone*

Youth & Children Safe Ministry

In this section, WWCC refers to your current Working With Children Check.
If you don't have your WWCC number please put you APP (application) number instead and today's date for the expiry.

Team member WWCC Number* WWCC Number again*info? WWCC Expiry* Consent* Safe ministry certificateinfo?
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Adult Friday Lunch If you are attending Summer School on the last day, Friday, we'd love you to join us for our huge fellowship lunch. There will be a great variety of fresh wraps (including vegetarian) available as well as fruit and bottled water.
Kids Friday Lunch Select this option for a child friendly lunch.
Gluten Free Friday Lunch Select this option for a gluten free lunch.
MP3 CD Fast Set MP3 CD - Bible Studies 1–7 Beat the rush. Pre-order your MP3 CD and take all the Bible Studies home on Friday. Note: This CD requires an MP3 enabled player, if in doubt choose the Audio CD Set.
Audio CD Fast Set Audio CD Set - Bible Studies 1–7 (i.e. 7 CDs) Beat the rush. Pre-order your set of audio CDs and take the complete set home on Friday.
DVD Set DVD Set - Bible Studies 1–7 and Sunday's message (i.e. 4 DVDs) Pre-order your set of DVDs and we will post it to you as soon as they come out of post-production. Price includes postage within Australia.


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